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REPLICA (BOOK 1 of the Veronica Blake file)

Veronica Blake was at the pinnacle of her career as a Special Agent within the Cyber Defense Agency just before waking up inside the bowels of a commercial cloning facility – a situation that wouldn’t cause her any alarm if not for the fact that she had no memory of ever having died. Further adding to her distress is the fact that her waking up seems to have been unexpected –both by her, and by the facility– though before she has a chance to get her bearings straight she’s forced to fight for her new life as the cloning company tries to contain what appears to be an accidental –and illegal– replication of life. What happens next turns Veronica’s life completely upside down as she soon finds herself rescued by the most unlikely of government agencies, though she soon begins to question whether or not she’s truly been saved by them or if she’s simply fallen into the web that they’ve spun for her.


Twenty three days have passed since the Burning Sky disaster shook the world to its core, twenty three days since the disintegration of the seven American city-stations that had once been in orbit around the Earth. Brought down at the hands of a terrorist organization named the Free Mars Society, a group working to liberate their home planet from the oppressive governments that lorded over it, the incident spurred every nation on the globe into heightened state of alert. Anti-terrorism units from around the globe were put on call, units like the one Mai Tsukino commanded. Rushing into the heart of a Free Mars Society cell operating within Tokyo she’d soon discover there was more to Burning Sky than the world had been told—and with knowledge of that secret came a price that was to be paid in blood.

REPLICA: ALLIANCE (BOOK 2 of the Veronica Blake file)

Nine months have passed since Veronica Blake first awoke in the body of a woman she no longer was, nine long months she’d spent running from the aftermath of what the world now referred to as the Burning Sky disaster. Hunted by the country she once called her own and blamed for the mass-murder of over six hundred thousand of its citizens, citizens who had been living within its seven now-destroyed City Satellites, Veronica was forced to flee across the ocean to one of the few places on Earth where the American government couldn’t reach her: China.

Yet just as she begins to settle in, she receives information that will completely change the paradigm of her situation, information regarding the one man she’s never stopped thinking about since escaping Las Vegas. Wesson, the man responsible for everything she’s been through, is soon to find himself in her sights, but Veronica will need to survive a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse if she ever wants that chance to put a bullet in his head.