The issue is now resolved. All copies shipping out are printing-error-free!

It has come to our attention that an error in the publishing/printing process may have affected some paperback copies of Replica: Alliance. These affected copies may be missing a small portion of text on page 37 of the book. Rest assured we have already contacted the publishing company and are taking steps to correct this error.

If your copy of Replica: Alliance is affected and you would like for it to be replaced, please contact us here at Please include an image of your affected copy of the book as proof for us to work with. Once this issue is corrected we will work to replace your copies.

In the meantime, note that this book IS enlisted in the Kindle Matchbook program, and that the Kindle price is set at $0. This means if you have already purchased the paperback copy, you may also “purchase” the Kindle edition without the printing error for free.

Thank you for your understanding.

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